As part of Clarion Housing Group, Affinity Sutton is an independent, charitable organisation regulated by the Government's Homes and Communities Agency. 

The Group Board is responsible for the effective governance of the Group, while day-to-day management is delegated to the Group Executive Team. You can find out more about their roles in monitoring and maintaining business performance in Our Structure.

As a business for social purpose we are an ethical, transparent and accountable organisation. We have adopted and comply with our the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance. We also have a Code of Conduct which outlines the standards of behaviour we expect at Affinity Sutton. Every year we produce a value for money statement to demonstrate that we are efficient in our spending, which means we can invest more in fulfilling our social purpose.    

Residents are also actively involved in our decision making structures. We have resident representatives on the Affinity Sutton Homes Board and our Regional Scrutiny Boards involve residents in reveiwing Affinity Sutton’s performance in delivering local services. See the Get Involved pages and the Resident Scrutiny pages for more detail.