As a business for social purpose we recognise that helping our residents into work and training is one of the best ways we can support them to maximise their life chances. Our Ready2Work service aims to create new employment opportunities for our residents. Over the last three years we have supported thousands of residents into work; this year our Ready2Work team will support over 900 unemployed residents into work.

We work with a range of partners across the UK including British Gas, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen and the Royal Household but are always looking for new partnerships. Working with us is the perfect way to find the right people – and a great way for your business to get involved in a corporate social responsibility project.

Find the right people with Ready2Work

Companies often commit huge resources to recruiting the right staff. Finding the right recruitment partner to work with is crucial.

Ready2Work provides a full employment and training support package to our residents, using specialist staff to offer them sector specific training and work experience that will help them develop transferable skills and competencies. What’s more, our candidate search and support programme is completely free to prospective employers. The people we offer as candidates have two things in common – they are motivated to build a career and have the right attitude.

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How we find the perfect candidate

Our recruitment process focuses on finding out what your organisation needs:

  • After we’ve talked over your requirements in person or by telephone, our Employer Engagement Officers begin selecting potential candidates with the right skills and attributes.
  • Once we’ve found the right candidate, we can explore how they’ll start working with you, whether this requires interviews, assessments or just an introduction.
  • Throughout the whole process we’ll give you a single point of contact.
  • After your new employee starts work, we offer them 26 weeks of in-work support, including a helpline and access to specialist advice.
  • 80% of candidates placed into employment sustained their employment beyond the first six months.

Interested in finding out more? If so give the Ready2Work team a call on 0300 100 0303 or you can e-mail us to discuss our offer in more detail.

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