Ours is an organisation rich in history, made up of the extensive experience of the three main operating companies, Broomleigh, Downland and William Sutton Homes, which came together to form the Affinity Sutton Group. We can trace our business for social purpose ethos back to 1900 when Victorian philanthropist, William Sutton, bequeathed his fortune to a charitable trust to provide ‘model dwellings and houses for occupation by the poor of London and other towns and populous places in England’. In 1964, Downland was formed by a group of local businessmen in Sussex led by engineer, Archibald Shaw. And then in 1992, Broomleigh was formed as the first urban Large Scale Voluntary Transfer of homes from the London Borough of Bromley.

Building on our heritage

Helping people gain access to decent housing has been our goal throughout our history. This has been challenged by housing shortage, lack of funding for development, changing views of what constitutes a fair rent and differing priorities on who should have access to our homes. In October 2011 our three operating companies merged, bringing together William Sutton, Downland and Broomleigh formally and legally into one organisation, Affinity Sutton. Building on our heritage provides a short story covering the major steps that helped shape Affinity Sutton today.