When you buy a property, it is important that you make informed decisions so that you can afford to enjoy your new home for a long time.

We offer a panel of independent mortgage advisors to help you with mortgage matters. Affinity Sutton staff are not qualified to offer or provide financial advice. Mortgage advisors on our panel are selected because they show service levels we expect to be provided to our customers.

Types of mortgages

There are many types of mortgages with differing terms and conditions. Some mortgages are not acceptable to us. If you use the services of one of the advisors on our panel, they will confirm to you which mortgages are acceptable.

We may refuse to approve certain mortgages if any of the conditions are not considered to be sustainable over the long term. The key criteria to take into account include:

  • Mortgage must be with a high street lender 
  • The term of your mortgage should be for 25 years 
  • Self-certified, guarantor and interest-only mortgages are not acceptable 
  • You can only borrow money on a mortgage up to the value of the share you are buying in the property 
  • No loans or fees can be added to the mortgage 

If you feel that you require a mortgage different to these conditions, please contact us to check before you commit to any borrowing.