Shared ownership is a great option, but don't just take our word for it! Take a look at the case studies below to find out how people like you have benefitted from the scheme and are on the property ladder...

Michelle and Matt

Michelle And Matt Haywards Heath

  • Name: Michelle Anderson and Matt Wright
  • Situation: First time buyers
  • Scheme: Shared ownership
  • Location: Haywards Heath

Michelle Anderson and her partner Matt Wright, both 28, have just moved into a brand new two-bedroom apartment on a shared ownership basis at Affinity Sutton’s Kendall Heights development in the grounds of Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

The couple chose shared ownership as they couldn’t afford the huge deposit required to buy privately. Michelle says: “We bought a 25% share for £60,000 and only needed a 5% deposit which was just £3,000 – a much more affordable sum of money!”

Michelle and Matt previously lived with Michelle’s parents in Burgess Hill, enabling them to pay off outstanding debts and save money towards the deposit and moving costs.

With money saving in mind, Michelle and Matt were extremely savvy in their choice of new home: “We chose Kendall Heights as I work at Princess Royal Hospital and being in the grounds it means I can walk to work and Matt can drive – it alleviates the need to have to run two cars,” says Michelle.

Matt says: “We want to live here long term. We’re in a good position in order to be able to save money and we hope to buy more shares in our home next year. Our friends didn’t really understand the shared ownership process, but now we’ve bought a share in our home, a couple of them are looking into this option for themselves. It’s a great and affordable way to take your first step on the property ladder.”


  • Laura BromleyName: Laura Harvey
  • Situation: First Time Buyer
  • Scheme: Shared Ownership
  • Location: Bromley

The prospect of moving out of the family home and placing a first foot on theproperty ladder may seem daunting for many, however Laura Harvey found it surprisingly easy when she decided to purchase a shared ownership apartment from Affinity Sutton at Bromley Common in Bromley.

Laura, 26, a service coordinator for McQuay Service Air Conditioning has bought a 40 per cent share in her one-bedroom apartment for just £87,000 and paid just a five per cent deposit, which equates to just £3,000. She now pays around £485 for her mortgage and £250 per month in subsidised rent.

For Laura, who works in Dartford, location was very important: “The position is perfect, it is a quick bus service to visit my parents in Bromley, driving to work is quick and easy and I have been able to keep my second job as a barmaid.

Laura says that her first purchase has been a success: “I love the design of my apartment and the quality is fantastic. I especially like the option of being able to buy more shares in my home – this is definitely something I will be thinking about in the future.

“After seeing my new apartment, some of my friends and family are even looking into shared ownership!”