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With over 57,000 homes and a 100-year year history, Affinity Sutton is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in England.  Today over 161,000 people call an Affinity Sutton home 'their home'.

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We are one of the largest housing associations in England with a rich history that dates back over 100 years.  Today we have over 57,000 properties up and down the country from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East to Plymouth in the South West.

We aim to provide great customer service to our residents, as well as support for those in need.  We manage and maintain our homes to a good standard by investing and improving them and we are committed to helping tackle the shortage of affordable homes through our new build programme.  


New Homes

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Our housebuilding programme

We’re an award winning developer of affordable housing. View our most recent developments. Read more


On A Budget

Reaching our targets

As a business for social purpose - we operate on a commercial basis, are professional, have an eye on efficiency and ...Read more

Community Investment


Making a difference in your community

From work, finances, and your neighbourhood, we focus our resources to make the biggest difference. Read more

Our Heritage

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Helping people put down roots since 1909

Ours is an organisation rich in history, made up of the extensive experience of the three main operating companies, which came together to form the Affinity Sutton Group. Read more