Final report

Futurefit Project

NEWSFLASH: The final FutureFit report has now been launched.

The project found that although there are challenges in tracking energy use, retrofitting does result in savings, particularly when following a fabric first approach. As a result we are developing an Energy Efficiency Standard to apply to all our homes by 2020.

The findings also show that:

  • Resident engagement is critical, particularly around electricity usage – as a result we are updating our energy lifestyle advice programme – EnergyFit.
  • We are unable to support the Green Deal as it currently stands but are keen to continue to work with Government so that the Green Deal can fulfil the savings necessary for social housing.
  • Our results support the need for the Affordable Warmth element of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding to be available to social households.
  • As well as retrofitting our properties we also need to engage with everyone involved in the process, from the supply chain through to residents.
  • The social housing sector must respond to the findings of this report  - looking at how retrofitting can be funded and made to work, reducing carbon emissions and energy costs for some of the poorest in society.   

FutureFit provided a detailed insight into the retrofit agenda through working  with 150 properties of drawn from 22 common types of housing – carrying out different packages of work and lifestyle advice along with installing monitoring equipment to track energy use and bills. 

This final report follows on from the first FutureFit report which was published in September 2011. Links to the full suite of FutureFit reports can be found in the panel on the right.

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