Recruitment process

 Recruitment Process


If you’re considering applying for one of our vacancies, see if we’re an organisation you’d enjoy working for by taking our quick quiz. It might even help you to write your application! If you’ve already taken the time to complete an application, we think it only fair that we let you know the outcome of that application as soon as we can. That’s why you’ll hear from us within seven to ten days of the closing date to let you know if you've been successful or not.

We will only consider factors relevant to the role you’re applying for when considering your application. 


If you’re invited to interview, we’ll contact you providing the details of the interview itself. We will provide all the details you’ll need, including where to go and who you’ll be meeting.

In addition to your interview, you may be asked to undertake a number of selection tasks in the recruitment process, these may be online tests, work-based tasks or delivering a presentation to the interview panel.

We aim to be back in touch within a week of your interview to inform you if you have been unsuccessful. At this time we’ll also be happy to provide you with some constructive feedback on your application and performance at interview.


If the interview was a success, the interviewing manager will be in touch to discuss suitable start dates and terms and conditions with you.

You’ll then receive your contract and starter pack from us. At this point you’ll also be invited to attend a number of our corporate induction days to welcome you to the business.


Before you start with us your manager will invite you along to a meeting so that we can check your right to work in the UK, this will require you to supply us with a number of documents. If your post requires a Criminal Records check, your starter pack will also include a DBS application form which you should complete and bring along to the meeting. You’ll also be asked to produce proof of any qualifications that were listed as essential in the person specification.


If you have any questions, please contact the recruitment team on 0300 100 0303 or email

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