Recruitment process

Recruitment Process

If you’re considering applying for one of our vacancies, see if we’re an organisation you’d enjoy working for by taking our quick quiz. It might even help you to write your application!

Applying for a position

If you’ve already taken the time to complete an application, we think it only fair that we let you know the outcome of that application as soon as we can. That’s why you’ll hear from us within seven to ten days of the closing date to let you know if you've been successful or not.

We will only consider factors relevant to the role you’re applying for when considering your application.

Getting an interview

If you’re invited to interview, we’ll contact you providing the details of the interview itself. We will provide all the details you’ll need, including where to go and who you’ll be meeting.

In addition to your interview, you may be asked to undertake a number of selection tasks in the recruitment process, these may be online tests, work-based tasks or delivering a presentation to the interview panel.

We aim to be back in touch within a week of your interview to inform you if you have been unsuccessful. At this time we’ll also be happy to provide you with some constructive feedback on your application and performance at interview.

Receiving an offer

If the interview was a success, the interviewing manager will be in touch to discuss suitable start dates and terms and conditions with you.

You’ll then receive your contract and starter pack from us. At this point you’ll also be invited to attend a number of our corporate induction days to welcome you to the business.

Starting employment

Before you start with us your manager will invite you along to a meeting so that we can check your right to work in the UK, this will require you to supply us with a number of documents.

If your post requires a Criminal Records check, your starter pack will also include a DBS application form which you should complete and bring along to the meeting. You’ll also be asked to produce proof of any qualifications that were listed as essential in the person specification.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the recruitment team on 0300 100 0303 or email

Interview Tips

We hope to make you feel at ease in your interview – for us an interview is a two way process and it’s as much about us being right for you as it is about you being right for Affinity Sutton. Read on for Top 10 handy tips to help you impress.

1 - Plan ahead

Make sure you have thoroughly planned your journey and know exactly where you need to go. Work out your train times/route in advance so you don’t run late.  If you’re running late make sure you have our phone number and call us to let us know.

2 - Be a good listener

Let us know that you're listening by nodding, and looking interested; picking up on key words we've used and asking us to expand on subjects that genuinely interest you.

3 - Be honest

If you don't understand a question, ask us to repeat or rephrase it.

4 - Avoid the temptation to talk to much

Try not to go off the subject too much when answering questions, be clear and concise and give examples to back up your answers.  Use silences to think about what has just been said.

5- Be aware of your body language

Even if you are nervous, take a deep breath and think about what you’re going to say next.

6 - Be positive

Even if you’ve had a negative experience in the past or hated your last job, try to reflect on it from what it taught you about yourself or your skills. To make a mistake is to be human, and it’s often how we learn best, so be honest.

7 - Be asssertive

If you're not asked about something that you feel is important, raise the subject yourself. It’s a two-way process remember!

8 - Do your research

Before you come to the interview it’s worth doing a bit more research about us. It’ll mean that you can talk about what you like about the business from what you’ve read/heard and what you think you’ll be able to contribute to our purpose. It’ll also help you to think of some questions you may like to ask us.

9 - Make the most of it

This is your chance to impress us, but it’s also your chance to find out more about us and the role itself.

10 - Leave a good impression

Everyone gets nervous in interviews, but try to make sure you leave a good last impression on your interviewer.  Thank the interviewer for their time. You’ll come across as confident even if you are feeling nervous.

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