We want a Green Deal that works for us

 The Green Deal

The Green Deal

Energy bills are rising year on year and being able to afford to live in a warm, comfortable home is becoming increasingly challenging. In a recent survey, 22% of our residents reported that they find it difficult to heat their home and 67% of them were worried about increasing energy bills.

While Affinity Sutton welcomes the Government’s drive to help people save energy at home we do not feel that the current Green Deal policy will deliver sufficient energy savings for our homes or provide value for money for our residents. We will continue to work with Government to shape a Green Deal we believe works better for social housing residents.

Affinity Sutton has already carried out a great deal of energy efficiency works to its homes at no extra cost to residents and continues to do so year on year. We estimate that we’ve already made a 24% saving in carbon emissions since 1990 through ongoing boiler replacement and cavity and loft insulation programmes. The energy efficiency of a property is measured by SAP rating whereby the higher the rating, the better the energy efficiency of the property. The average SAP of Affinity Sutton homes is 69, compared to a national average of 55. This means that for many of our residents there is not a great deal of work left that the Green Deal will cover.

We want to ensure that Affinity Sutton residents are not struggling to stay warm at home and we have been addressing the energy efficiency of our homes for a long time already through our FutureFit and EnergyFit projects. But we need to be sure that we approach energy efficiency improvements in the best way for our residents and our homes. We do not believe that the Green Deal in its current form is the best way to do this and we will not be granting consent for Green Deal works in our homes.

A better Green Deal in the future?

Despite these concerns, we are confident that a version of the Green Deal that works for our residents can be achieved in the future.  Because of the high profile of our innovative FutureFit project, we now sit on the Green Deal Provider group with the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) which is working to shape a Green Deal that works specifically for social housing.  Using insights gained through our FutureFit project we have also responded to a Commons Select Committee call for evidence to help Government determine how Green Deal success should be measured.

 Affinity Sutton supports the Green Deal as a concept.  But we believe that certain changes need to be made and the policy needs to be more established before we can work with it. As energy bills continue to rise, savings through the Green Deal are more likely to be achieved. We will monitor progress and continue to feed into Government how we think it could be improved so that it would work better for our residents.

Affinity Sutton is strongly committed to affordable energy and has invested heavily in improving the energy performance of our homes

  • The average SAP of Affinity Sutton homes is 69, compared to a national average of 55
  • Affinity Sutton is working with Government and other agencies to shape a Green Deal that will work for social housing and our residents specifically.
  • We are developing our own retrofit strategy to address energy efficiency in our properties
  • Although not appropriate right now, we see the Green Deal as an important funding stream for any future retrofit strategies
  • We will be advising  our residents not to pay a charge for Green Deal assessments, since currently we will not be granting consent for any works.

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