Don't let this happen to you!Fire

Andrea lived in her home with her husband and two young children. One day, whilst the family were out, a hot water pipe burst in the property adjoining theirs. This meant that hot water escaped, drenching the floor, which then flooded Andrea’s home and caused the ceiling to collapse.It was the week before Christmas, the tree was up and all the presents had been bought, wrapped and were under the tree. The ceiling fell onto the tree and ruined all the presents, together with their newly decorated dining room, new floor and table and chairs.  

Andrea didn’t have contents insurance, she says “When we moved into the property it was uppermost in our minds. However, it was over ten years ago and at that time it was difficult to find insurance for just contents and the quotes I received were quite high. As time went on, we carried on with our busy lives and I just didn’t get round to getting the insurance.”

Andrea went on to say “I really do recommend that everyone gets contents insurance. I thought it would never happen to me but obviously it did. It not only affecting me and ruined my home but my family too, especially my children. I am pleased to say I have contents insurance now and wouldn’t be without it again. “