Whether it's saving water, dealing with damp mould and condensation, shopping for a cheaper energy deal, getting to grips with your heating controls or just wanting to use your appliances more efficiently, EnergyFit can help.

Ernie and his team have plenty of easy tips to show you how you can get EnergyFit and start saving money today. Click on one of the gang below to get started. Why not get involved and share your EnergyFit tips to help others this winter save money and save energy. 

Fill in the form below to request a toolkit, which has all of the information on these pages in paper form, as well as a thermometer indicating the ideal room temperature, and a tea bag so you can enjoy a nice cuppa whilst reading it all through.

EnergyFit Toolkit form

EnergyFit Toolkit form


Be an Energy Shopper - with this handy guide, shopping around for the best energy supplier is easier than ever. Click the preview image below or click here.

For help or more information, call the Contact Centre on 0300 100 0303, mentioning 'EnergyFit'. If you are not a resident and would like to know more, drop a line to energyfit@affinitysutton.com.

Really Struggling? Apply for a British Gas Energy Trust Grant

The Trust awards grants to individuals and families to:

  • Clear domestic gas and energy debts and other household debts, e.g. rent arrears, council tax debts
  • Purchase essential household items, e.g. washing machines, cookers
  • Provide other forms of financial assistance, e.g. bankruptcy deposits, funeral expenses.

For more, go to britishgasenergytrust.org.uk