Tenancy Sustainment

Affinity Sutton offers a service if you need additional help and assistance at any point in your tenancy:

Affinity Sutton’s tenancy sutainment service to our residents who may need assistance with maintaining their tenancy and includes working with starter residents, residents in crisis, and residents in need of information, advice and guidance.

The average length of assistance is six months.

For more information ask your NHO or call GuideLine on 0300 100 0303

How does this service work?

You'll have a dedicated member of staff who'll keep in contact with you, help you to solve your problems and provide advice to help you manage in the future. They'll meet with you on an agreed basis and together you'll complete an assessment to identify the help you need. From this, a plan will be put in place with goals that you will work towards.

They'll work with you to help build your confidence and identify opportunities that will help that will help improve your quality of life.

They'll help you get in touch with other agencies that can continue to help you in the future. If we do need to contact other agencies for you, we'll need you to sign a consent form agreeing that we can do this.

What can you help me with?
Is there anything that you cannot help me with?
Who is the service for?
How long is the service available for?
Is the service confidential?
Can I use the service more than once?
How can I be referred?