The Resident Involvement Team

Our dedicated Resident Involvement Team has the job of ensuring that residents have the opportunity to get involved and help improve services.

You can find out more about who does what using the links below. If you've got any questions, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or another member of the team.

National team

Anne Ewen - Head of Customer Experience

It is my responsibility to ensure that the service we provide as a team is responsive to the needs of both residents and the business. By working together, residents, staff and the Board aim to ensure that Affinity Sutton is the best it can possibly be. The Resident Involvement team is here to listen, respond to and act on your feedback wherever we can add value. 

Gill Kirkman - Resident Involvement Training Officer

My role is to design, develop, procure and deliver training for residents to ensure that those who are involved are able to actively take part in improving services. I co-ordinate feedback from people who have taken part in courses to check they are useful and make improvements where necessary. Part of my role is also to train other members of Affinity Sutton staff to make sure they know how to involve residents and to enable them to deliver their own training.

Ryan Edwards - Digital Resident Involvement Manager

My role is to develop and implement the Clarion Resident Involvement digital engagement strategy to ensure that we deliver exceptional digital content so that the widest number of residents can get involved.  

London and East team
North team
South and South West team