Welcome to Affinity Sutton's National Ambassadors. Find out who are our ambassadors are and how they hope to make a difference within their communities. Our National Ambassadors are a team of 16-25 year olds who volunteer their time to help us to improve our services for young people. 

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National Ambassador Rapport 

LaurenLauren - 21 - Kent.

I become a National Ambassador in order to make a change for young people. I would like to ensure there is more support for young care leavers suffering with mental health issues.

I am also passionate about nursing and my future career goal is to become a paediatric nurse.


Frankie Bio Pic

Frankiee- Bromley

The reason I became a National Ambassador is because I want to help raise awareness of mental health issues.

I am a single parent with a young daughter and I wouldn’t change my daughter for the world but I would change the world for my daughter. This is me making my change.


Ryan (1)

Callum - 18 - Bradford

I became a National Ambassador in order to make a difference and help a wider community other than my own. I am currently a volunteer youth worker, working with people aged from 8-16 years old. My dream is to make sure that young people have the right support in order to support the next generation.



KayaKaya - 18 - Kent

I am currently studying at college and my passion is to help and care for vulnerable people. I became an ambassador to help improve support for domestic violence victims and people with mental health issues.




I became a National Ambassador in order to help make our environment  wellbeing better for future generations. My priority is to modernise systems and keep to the core of the community, our surrounding and culture.  I am also currently in the process of building my own luxury brands business after studying fashion and art and design.



BeckiBecki - 22 - Bolton.

I became a National Ambassador because I want to be able to make a difference in peoples lives. I am extremely passionate about fostering and I want to change peoples opinions about young people.  I also want to learn more about what Clarion offer and continue learning and developing my skills.




Ngaire - Kent.

 I am currently in full time education and I hope to gain employment in education.

I applied to become a National Ambassador because I want to improve my confidence and raise awareness & support for those suffering with mental health issues.



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