If you have a fixed term tenancy, a Housing Officer will contact you about 9 months before the tenancy is due to end. They will review how well you have kept to the terms of your tenancy agreement and your current circumstances.

We expect our tenants to have paid their rent, looked after the property and not have caused any nuisance to their neighbours or in the neighbourhood. If your financial, family and social circumstances have not significantly changed, we would then expect to offer you another 5 year fixed term tenancy. There is no limit to the number of times a fixed term tenancy can be offered as long as you have a need for the size and type of property, and you maintain the tenancy conditions.

The Housing Officer will email or write to you to tell you of the outcome of the review at least 6 months before the end of the tenancy. If your circumstances have changed and you no longer qualify for your current property, for example it is too big, we will advise you to complete our housing application form and will do our best to help you find a more suitable property, as long as you have not breached your tenancy conditions.

In areas where we do not have our own housing register we will give you advice and assistance to apply for a home with Affinity Sutton or other landlords through your local Council. If we are unable to offer you another tenancy you will be served a notice of requiring possession 2 months before the end of the tenancy.