Residents' handbook - moving in

Welcome to your Affinity Sutton home.

Before you move in there are some things you should know and will need to do.

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What's in my tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement is an important document as it tells you what your responsibilities and rights as our tenant are, and what our responsibilities as your landlord are. It also tells you how we can end the tenancy and how you can end it. Read the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement

New tenancies

Most new tenancies include a probationary period so we can be confident that you are able to manage the tenancy in a satisfactory manner and pay your rent when it is due. During the probationary period we can end your tenancy at any time if you do not pay your rent or break any other terms of the tenancy agreement by serving a notice on you, so it is essential that you contact us straightaway if you are struggling to pay your rent, so that we can try to help you and avoid us having to repossess your home.

Further information

If you need any further information about your rights and responsibilities contact our Customer Service Team. If you are a new resident whose tenancy started since 1 January 2014, you can read the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement here. 

Can I get help to pay my rent
Why do I need contents insurance?
Who do I contact about Council Tax?
How do I get my gas and electricity connected?
What happens if I lose my keys or lock myself out?
Who is responsible for decorating my home?
I haven't got any furniture - who may be able to help?
How do I get my post re-directed?
Who is my heating contractor?
Who is my Neighbourhood Housing Officer?
Am I allowed to have a lodger?
My spouse/partner has left so can I take his/her name off of our joint tenancy?
Can I keep a pet?
How do I make a complaint?