In order to provide you with the highest level of service, we collect, store and transfer information about you and your home. This section will tell you more about what we use, why, and how you can access your data.

What information do you hold about me?

About you
As a service provider we need to use information about you such as your name, address, date of birth and occasionally other more sensitive data such as your health or employment status. This information is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998, and further detail about how we use your personal information is available in our Customer Privacy Notice.

About your home
We maintain property records about your home, for example repairs records, major works, alterations and improvements and health & safety records (e.g. landlords gas safety record).

How can I access it?

Your personal information
Any data held by us that could be used to identify you or tells us something about your lifestyle, such as your health status or cultural background, is usually available to you under the Data Protection Act. You can make a request to view your information (known as a ‘Subject Access Request’) by completing our Subject Access form and sending it to the address listed at the top. The Data Protection Act sets out the criteria required for these requests which state that:

• Any request must be in writing
• Should be accompanied by proof of your ID
• Must be accompanied by a cheque or postal order for £10

You don’t have to use our form; as long as your request meets the criteria listed above we will process it for you within the 40 calendar days set out by the Act. Remember, the more detail you can provide when making these requests, the easier it will be for us to find the information you want.

Property information
If you are seeking to obtain property records, you should call: 0300 100 0303 or email so we can consider your information requirements. Our property records do not generally include ‘personal data’ and as such  are not subject to the same access regime as personal data.  Where we are able to fulfil your request for property related information, we will not charge you but we will still need to verify your residency with us via security questions.

If you or your representative  are involved with a formal disrepair claim, this is a separate process and we will handle such requests in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Can anybody else access my information?

Usually we won’t share your information without your explicit consent to do so, but the Data Protection Act does allow some exemptions to this. For example we don’t need your consent if we’re processing your information to fulfil a contract you’ve entered into with us, to complete a legal obligation or if it’s in our legitimate interest as an organisation to do so. There may be other occasions when you’ve asked us to allow somebody to access your information on your behalf, or when we’re legally obliged to share your data with public authorities such as the Police, Social Services or Councils.

  • Allowing a friend, relative or support agency to act on your behalf.  If you want someone to act on your behalf in your dealings with us (for example talking to us about your rent account or housing circumstances), please let us know by completing and returning our Delegated Authority form, please note if you want more than one person to speak on your behalf, you/they will need to fill in an individual form per person.  
  • Utility Companies: There may be occasions when we need to share information regarding you and your tenancy status with utility companies such as water, gas or electric providers. We can legitimately disclose relevant information to providers where there is an alleged debt or you have refused communication with them (we reinforce this message when you sign up with us and it’s also included in our privacy notice). 
  • Police, HMRC and law enforcement: We may at times be contacted by law enforcement authorities to provide personal information regarding yourself or your household. We would only disclose this information without your consent if there was a clear legal reason to do, for example preventing a serious crime or helping to catch a criminal at large.
  • NHS and Social Services: We may at times be approached by local NHS or Social Services organisations and asked to disclose information regarding your health or the health of those in your household. This is usually done with your full knowledge and consent and we would only share information outside of this if there was a specific legal need to do so, such as safeguarding the immediate welfare of yourself or others.
  • Councils and other Local Authorities: We may be requested by Councils and Local Authorities to share information about you or your home to help organise things such as your council tax or other local services. We usually encourage these service providers to contact you directly and would only share information with your consent, unless there was a legal need for us to do otherwise.
  • National Fraud Initiative: The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) governed by the Cabinet Office, is an exercise that matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect fraud.  Like other housing associations, Affinity Sutton voluntarily participates in the NFI because we have a duty to protect the public money that we use and we want to protect taxpayers against fraud.  For example in helping to ensure that properties are not illegally sub-let or benefits paid in error.  To this end we may use the information you have provided us with for the prevention and detection of fraud.  We may share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.

What can I do if I think some of the information you hold about me is incorrect?

If you think that some of the personal information we hold about you may be wrong, please let us know as soon as possible so we can look into this for you. It would be helpful if you could provide as much detail as possible letting us know when the information may have been recorded and why you feel it is now incorrect. You can edit some of your personal information online, simply by logging into and selecting the ‘Update your details’ option.


If you have any queries that haven’t been answered by this FAQ then please take a look at our Customer Privacy Notice for more detail. You can always contact us directly with more questions if you need to - we’re happy to help.