Service Standards

Future Foundations

A lot is changing now with cuts in benefits, less government funding for new housing and cutbacks in local support services. 

Our customers are changing too – we now let more homes than ever before to young people and residents want to be able to access services online.

To make sure we carry on being one of the best housing associations we need to make sure we are striking the right balance between building new homes, looking after our existing homes and providing social/community support.

We also want our services to meet your needs and to be clear about what we, as your landlord, will and won’t provide and what we expect of residents.

Our Future Foundations programme will ensure we meet the challenges ahead and carry on being a good landlord. 

What are we doing?

Our Future Foundations project is a programme to make us operate better.

We compared the way we manage with our services with a wide variety of other organisations. We found that on the whole we are doing a good job but there are some areas where we can do better.

We're now looking at these areas and coming up with ideas for improvement. There are four main areas:

  • Our services – we need to be clearer about what we will and won’t do and allow simpler access to our services 
  • Rights and responsibilities – be better at explaining residents’ rights and responsibilities
  • Better technology – give residents more opportunities to access our services online
  • Corporate responsibility – be responsible across everything we do from strategy to operations.

Future Foundations will help to make sure we continue to be a business for social purpose  and managing and building affordable homes will remain at the heart of what we do.

Our promise, your promise