At Affinity Sutton, we provide our residents with a good quality home and a range of easy-to-access and reliable services. We have created five films that clarify the rights and responsibilities between us and our customers.

  1. Introduction on how to access our services
    Provides an overview of what it’s like being an Affinity Sutton resident and how you can manage and pay your rent online and via direct debit
  2. Need a repair - Is it your responsibility or ours?
    Provides a brief outline of the types of repairs that we will and won’t do.
  3. Outline of how we deal with anti-social behaviour (ASB)
    Looks at what ASB is and how you as a tenant can go about resolving issues. 
  4. Advice and support to help you
    Looks at some of the services we offer to help our tenants such as our Ready2Work and Money Matters schemes.
  5. Paying your rent/Universal Credit
    Looks at the importance of prioritising paying your rent and the changes that Universal Credit may bring.

Two Way Street quizzes

Our Two Way Street competition is now closed, however you can still play our games to find out how to deal with anti social behaviour and recognise what repairs are your responsibility.

  • Find out how to deal with anti-social behaviour issues by playing our game. 
    Play here
  • Find out how to recognise what repairs are your responsibility and which ones are ours by playing our game. Play here

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