Affinity Sutton Repairs

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Affinity Sutton has now changed the management of the repairs contractor in the London & Kent areas. We know that our residents consider that repairs is one of the most important services that we provide.

Previously this repairs service has been provided by third party companies – Willmott Dixon & then Osborne’s. Resident feedback has shown that the service provided by these third parties has not always met the customer satisfaction targets that we set ourselves.

We have now decided to bring the service in house and manage and deliver repairs directly. We are setting up a new service called Affinity Sutton Repairs to do this.

We believe that managing the service ourselves will ,over time, offer greater stability to our repairs service and an improved service. It will allow us to set clearer priorities and ensure that these are delivered.

There will inevitably be an initial busy period where the new service picks up any outstanding repairs from Osborne, so we would ask that you do all you can to help make the transition a smooth one by minimising the number of requests you make - both between now and May and in the first few weeks of the new service.

Contact details for repairs will remain unchanged by this move and residents should continue to call us on 0300 100 0303 for any repairs to your home or report online at