Affinity Sutton's affordable rent properties are for people who want to live in well managed properties from a reputable landlord without the private sector price tag. As a not-for-profit organisation, with an Affinity Sutton affordable rent home, you can be assured that the rent you pay will be reinvested in communities or used to build new homes rather than paying off someone else’s mortgage. And the saving means you can save for your own future.

To give you and your family piece of mind and security, our minimum tenancy offer will be a 6-year fixed term tenancy that includes a probationary period of up to 18 months.  After the 6 years, we will look to renew your tenancy for another 5 years subject to the terms of our tenancy policy. 

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What Rent We Charge Mid Banner

Our Rent4Less properties are set at affordable rent level. Because they are for working households we do not assess them against Local Housing Allowance (LHA) 

Affordable rents, will be set as below:

- 1 and 2 bedrooms: Up to 80% of market rent*

*Market rent is the level of rent expected on the open market or the average private rent level

Eligibility Criteria Mid Banner

To be eligible for an Affinity Sutton tenancy, you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age, or, in exceptional circumstances, over 16 and with an adult guarantor who will hold the tenancy in trust for you
  • Be a permanent resident of the UK
  • Not be exempt from holding a tenancy by their immigration status. In general, this means that they should either hold a British passport, or have been granted legal leave to remain

You must not:

- Have been convicted of a criminal offence, or have been guilty of antisocial behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour may also include serious damage or neglect of a property.1 
- Have a conviction for using accommodation or allowing it to be used for immoral or illegal purposes.
- Have current or former tenant arrears with Affinity Sutton or any other landlord 2
- We or another landlord has commenced legal action for breach of tenancy or possession (a Notice of Seeking Possession has been served) or under other legislation relating to the use of your current or previous property
- Own or have a legal interest in any residential property in the UK3
- Already hold a social or affordable tenancy elsewhere, unless you are going to give up that tenancy as part of being rehoused.

  1. We may make exceptions to this if we receive a recommendation from a current landlord or support agency (e.g. probation officer).
  2. We may make an exception if you are a current Affinity Sutton tenant who has received approval through our ‘Moving in Arrears’ policy.  Or if we have identified at a tenancy review that your home is no longer affordable, and have agreed to move you.
  3. Unless it is a home which is not suitable, or where there is insufficient equity in the property to afford a suitable home

We value good tenants, and where possible we’ll gather references from previous landlords.

To be eligible for one of our Rent4Less properties you:

  • Need to be in employment
  • Should have a sufficient household income to pay the rent and leave you with a reasonable amount left for living costs (we will assess this using our ‘affordability’ criteria)
  • Need to have a good credit history and must not have any County Court Judgments against you. You will be asked to provide a credit report.

You'll also need to be able to pay one month's rent as a deposit and the rent amount due from the tenancy start date to the end of that month.

How To Apply Mid Banner

Our Rent4Less properties are currently advertised on Zoopla alongside our full range of available rental properties. Properties that are Rent4Less will say so in the description.