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Info for shared owners: How to pay rent and service charges

IMPORTANT: All payments should go to 'Affinity Sutton Homes Limited'

No bank account? We can help.

Affinity Sutton is working in partnership with Leeds City Credit Union (LCCU) to bring banking services to all our residents - no matter where in the country you live. There are a number of different accounts available, depending on what is best for your circumstances. Visit Leeds City Credit Union for more information and find out what works best for you?

Visit Leeds City Credit Union 

Worried about making your rent payments?

If you're struggling, why don't you ask for a helping hand to dig your way out? Guideline is our free advice line for residents. Our GuideLine team can make an assessment of your circumstances and refer you to a number of other specialist advisers. If you would like to know more call 0300 100 0303 or request a call back.

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Residents who regularly pay their rent on time will be entered into a prize draw. You don’t have to do anything as you will be entered automatically unless you tell us that you don’t want to take part.

Monthly: For residents who have a clear account for the month. Each month one lucky resident will be picked at random and will win a prize of £150

Annual: For residents who have kept a clear rent account for the whole year. At the beginning of April one resident will be picked at random and will win a prize of £250

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